#minivanlife #familymatters #fullhouse #partyof6

#minivanlife #familymatters #fullhouse #partyof6

Holy Doctors Appointments, Batman

I had to take a sick day today, and I'm sure glad I did. I had four different doctors appointments and they literally wore me out.

Uncomforatble seats, walking, waiting and the pushing on my belly..Ugh!! I had three ultrasounds today, along with the constricting straps for the fetal monitoring.  I felt bad the girls were literally getting pushed and rolled on and they were fighting back. 

At my 8:00 A.M. High Risk appointment, it was the fastest ultra sound I've ever had. She literally took a few photos, got the heart rates of the babies and sent me on my way. I had a little time to spare before my next appointment and had found a great expectant mother's  parking spot and I didn't want to lose my space, so I walked over to my next appointment.  I had to get there by 9:30 A.M but I did stop at the cafeteria to see what they had available to eat and ended up with an order of French toast which was pretty good.

At the fetal monitoring, they took me back almost immediately, and after a quick ultra sound began to strap me up and get the babies heart beats. Unfortunately, the poor technician couldn't get the three heart rates monitored because the babies kept moving. She told me that this has never happened to her before, She tried and tried again, but in the end gave up. I was comforted knowing that the other two appointments would be more than enough and I'd be coming back Thursday.. 

Onto my 12:00 ultrasound at the OB office and I went right in. I was checked for the babies heartbeats and now it was time for the doctor and I swear I waited for 40 minutes and fell asleep in the waiting room. Finally I was called and went into a back room. There were two doctors waiting for me though, one was new to the practice but she seemed knowledgeable when I asked about my Glucose testing. I have to make that appointment for next week. Today, they did the usual weighing of me and checked my urine for sugar and protein and everything appears normal. Thankfully, my rectal bleeding seemed like a thing of the past, but what I did need to find out was how to schedule my weekend appointments.  I asked but unfortunately the Fetal monitoring folks didn't know, but they did give me a number to call to find out.

What they also gave me, hot off  the press, was my C section date!!!  It is officially August 29, 2016!!.

The news of this date has changed my appointments for next week, because I need to make sure I meet with some of my other OB doctors, to sign some consent forms and have them go over the Do's and Don'ts  for my big day. I'm also happy as of right now, I don't know anyone in our family who has August 29th as their birthday.  Almost immediate following that thought, I began to think about a living will, although I don't have much it's definitely something that has come up during my visits to the hospital. I guess it's their protocol to ask if you have a living will, no matter what your age. I also began to wonder when would be my last day at work.  What's going to give me enough time to get any last minute things accomplished,  any running around to do and most importantly, give me time to rest.

Well, I finally made it home after all these appointments. I was still on email and text  for work and didn't think I was going to be able to take a nap once I returned home but I did and it was much needed.

Tomorrows fetal monitoring appointment is at 10:15 A.M. so I'm hoping all goes well and day three will over ride day two. Wish us luck!!

~Truly Karae




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