#minivanlife #familymatters #fullhouse #partyof6

#minivanlife #familymatters #fullhouse #partyof6

Baby SheAmbassador Reporting!

Baby SheAmbassador Reporting!

This month we had the pleasure of trying the products from our Baby Ambassador Box. 

Eucalyptus & African Wild Water Mint

~Baby Chest Rub - This can be used on the girls, during those time where baby (or babies in my case) are stuffy or congested. It looks like this would be great to use during that time.

~Baby Breathe Free Wash & Bubble Bath- Having fallen in love with the Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby line, this was a clean smelling alternative scent with basically some of the same ingredients.  It's nice to layer the products with the same scent you like.

~Baby Breathe Free Lotion - With my exzema and dry skin I am cautious of what I apply to myself and to my children. That being said, I liked the scent and feel of this lotion. I would definitely use this and will keep it on hand when we are out of our Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil line.

~ Mango & Carrot Kids Body Wash & Bath - I tried this on Kanon, who normally I only use the Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Soap Line on. Due to Kanon's exzema, I don't put anything in his bathwater, so I used this more as a body wash as opposed to a bubble bath. Since Kanon is old enough and has an opinion I asked him how did this make his skin feel? He replied, "I really liked it Mommy!" It gets two thumbs up!!

~Eucalyptus Essential Oil-  There was something  for the parents in the box this month, YAY!!!!  If you are like my husband, yes my husband, he's all about good smells in the house. We used this Eucalyptus Essential Oil in a oil burner, with a little water. The smell was really clean and fresh and not overpowering. This is definitely something we would use on a regular basis. See below for some other suggested uses for essential oils for adults:

~Use in a room diffuser to create an aromatic atmosphere.

~Blend into body lotion or carrier oil to customize your own scent. (Carrier oil, also known as base oil or vegetable oil, is used to dilute essential oils before they are applied to the skin).                                    

~Dilute a few drops in carrier oil and add to running water for a fragrant bath (note: NOT FOR CHILDREN).

~Make a natural room spray by mixing a few drops with water.

~Essential oils can be used alone as this is an oil in its purest state that provides added benefits.

PLEASE NOTE: Eucalyptus Oil is NOT to be used on or around young babies and children. It is  too strong for their skin and senses and their immature immune systems. 

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed this Shea Moisture box.  It's always fun trying out new products then comparing and giving our readers our candid review.

As always we welcome your feedback as to the products we reviewed, your thoughts or anything else you wish to share with us.

Head over to our instagram @truly_triplets and see what the girls are doing on a daily basis. Until next time  .  .  .

~ Truly Karae



 #everybodygetslove #sheamom #sheadad #sheamoisture #sheafam #sheambassador #SheaTriplets

#everybodygetslove #sheamom #sheadad #sheamoisture #sheafam #sheambassador #SheaTriplets

 Brook here playing with the lotion  Baby Breathe Free Lotion. #trulytriplets #sheamoisturebaby #sheatriplets #everybodygetslove #sheambassador #sheamom #sheadad #sheafam

Brook here playing with the lotion Baby Breathe Free Lotion. #trulytriplets #sheamoisturebaby #sheatriplets #everybodygetslove #sheambassador #sheamom #sheadad #sheafam

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